Berkeley is located on the east shore of the San Francisco bay, California. Home to the prestigious university of California, Berkeley offers much more than just academic excellence, the city possesses an offbeat bohemian spirit. As far as stimulating destinations go, Berkeley is fully loaded with all kinds of attractions.

There are loads of awesome things to do in Berkeley, and that is because Berkeley is a great entertainment hub as well as a destination of exquisite food. The organic food movement is credited to this city, it began in the ‘70s with Chez Panisse, a bistro that no foodie should miss if they ever find their way to Berkeley.

Berkeley is an all-round enriching destination for all sorts of tourism and also a delight for the locals. Foodies, art lovers as well as nature lovers will definitely find breath taking places in this fair city. If you are ever in Berkeley, you have the opportunity for some quality sights and all types of attraction including some gourmet food as well as picturesque parks and botanical gardens sure to give you a refreshing appreciation of mother nature’s elegance. In this city, your options are quite vast, but we’ll run through some of them.

Spend a day at the Berkeley Marina

Berkeley’s strategic location on the shore of San Francisco bay affords the city a marina. Berkeley marina is popular for major water sports like kayaking, water skiing, and canoeing. The marina is primarily used to dock sailboats, but a stroll along the marina and some bird watching at the Aquatic park or Shorebird Nature Centre makes for one of the best things to do in Berkeley, especially for nature lovers. Even if you aren’t really into nature, the Berkeley marina has sights that will inspire a good appreciation of nature.

The Berkeley marina isn’t going to be boring for children, so fear not. Your little ones are in for a fun-filled day at the Adventure Playground where they can paint and build forts to their hearts’ content. At the Aquatic park, there is the Dreamland playground which features wooden castles and walkways meant to encourage children to explore. There are also picnic areas, a rowing centre as well as a Frisbee golf field.

Visit the Claremont Hotel

The Claremont hotel is located in one of the most strategic locations in the Berkeley hills which has a great view of the San Francisco bay. The hotel is an impressive west-coast landmark which dates back to the gold rush era when Bill Thornburg, a farmer from Kansas built a house and several horse stables on the grounds. The current building was erected in 1915 after the original building was destroyed by a fire in 1901. The Claremont hotel has luxurious rooms and an elegant lobby. However, staying indoors would be underutilizing this hotel, with amenities like tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools and a restaurant with a magnificent view, staying at the Claremont hotel will definitely provide lots of fun and beauty. This beauty is also the reason why the Claremont Resort is always booked for weddings.

Visit the university of California

The university of California is one of the country’s leading academic institutions it is also home to famous professors Nobel laureates and a substantial population of elite students. The population of undergraduates exceeds 27000 which makes 4 a very competitive environment, yet the university of California has a peaceful feeling to it. it is perched on a wooded hillside the campus spans 178 acres of lush shady redwoods oaks and other trees.

Strawberry creek has some murmuring sounds accompanied company by the chirping of birds that add to the overall serenity of the environment.

The university of California has the Sather Tower, right at the centre of the campus it is also known as the campanile as a result of its resemblance to the clock tower in Venice.

At 8 a.m. noon and 6 pm, the clock towers bells chime on the hour with the recital of classical melodies for 45 minutes. It has an observation platform 200 feet high from where visitors will have a stunning 360-degree birds eye view of the san Francisco bay.

The university of California also has other famous landmarks on the campus including the Sather gate, which is the main entrance to the campus comma the south hall, which is the first building to be erected on the campus in 1873, and Sproul plaza, a hotspot of student activities including social protest street music and sometimes impromptu performances. The Bancroft library offers white jersey with its well one marble steps to the main reading room and intricate carved wood ceiling as well as the portraits of philosophy George Berkeley the college’s namesake. The university also has an art museum and film archive which offers an extensive collection of over 14000 art objects and a similar number of films.

The California memorial stadium is the campuses football stadium it was built in 1923 and is the home of the California golden bears.

An interesting place for bird watching is the strawberry canyon recreational area it is also quite conducive for long walks. The Neoclassical Hearst Greek 8500 capacity theatre is used for various performances like world music concerts Berkeley jazz festival and all the speakers. It also hosts the university’s graduation ceremony.

The free speech movement cafe offers an insight into undergraduate culture it displays document of Berkeley’s free speech movement of the 1960s. To this day students to come to the cafe to take study breaks.

Enjoy a splurge at the gourmet ghetto.

A pivotal moment in California culinary history is the opening of the Chez Panisse in 1971, it brought about the beginning of a food revolution in California. The French bistro has changed food culture in California and the whole of America forever. It was founded by Alice Waters, an alumni of the university of California, who during her undergraduate years spent a semester abroad in Paris where she fell in love with the French culture, and was even more attracted when she lived in France for over a year after college. She appreciated the way the French prepare their meals and she brought this concept back home to Berkeley.

The outstanding traits of the restroom is that uses organic locally grown fruits and vegetables and sustainably sourced meat fish and poultry from nearby farms where she sources ingredients every evening and dishes are made from the best ingredients available for each day. Chez Panisse is an essential stop for foodies and non-foodies alike. It was recognised as one of the world’s 50 best restaurants by restaurant magazine so it is quite a splurge to have a meal there.

Chez Panisse inspired many other restaurants in Berkeley and the surrounding area came to be known as gourmet ghetto, a delightful collection of gourmet restaurants. Restaurants worth mentioning include Lo Coco’s, Cham Thai restaurant, espresso Roma cafe, Masse’s pastries, as well as Saul’s delicatessen and the French macarons. A fun thing to do in Berkeley would be to go on a gourmet food tasting quest.

Absorb some culture with theatre and music performances.

Berkeley is a world-class centre when it comes to culture, it has a superb offering theatre and music performances on the university of California campus comma there are many artistic performances as well as Zellerbach hall and cal performances. The performances span across genres including classical music piano jazz dance ballet and theatre.

A worthwhile site would be the Berkeley city club performing at the central works theatre. When it comes to theatres in Berkeley there are loads and loads of them there is the Berkeley repertory theatre, a tony award-winning theatre group that performs a wide variety of shows throughout the year. Right on the same street as the Berkeley repertory, the Berkeley poetry work featuring clerks of more than 100 poems is short with real you as you walk down that road.

There you will find homes by Allen Ginsberg, Shakespeare, Gertrude Stein, and Alice walker. Another award winning theatre group is the Aurora theatre company that presents premier performances as an intimate 150 seater hall where no one is more than 15 feet away from the stage. For some jazz check out California jazz conservatory a music conservatory as well as a concert venue. Broccoli is quite rich in culture and you will definitely get your fill or you need to do is explore.

When it comes to fun activities in Berkeley, your choices are vast you could visit the Lawrence hall of science, located in the university of Berkeley which offers the public a fun exposure to the world of science. It is a 45 seater planetarium with interactive programs and a superb digital projection system for realistic impressions of constellations of our solar system.  It also has a young experience for kids with special activities designed for children at the kindergarten level and also more challenging activities Summer camps and classes for older kids.

The Tilden park is also an honorable mention Which has a beautiful natural space with many recreational attractions. Berkeley is also home to a botanical garden founded in 1890 It is an exception collection of more than 13000 from almost every continent.

Berkeley is a city with so much to do so much to see and so much to learn it is definitely worth a trip and there are no dull moments.



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