It’s the holiday and vacation time and season when individuals go to nice and interesting places to catch fun, relax and spend good time with family and friends. There are several holiday resorts and places of interest located in various countries and region of the globe with each offering different type of natural and historical assets that excite fun seekers. In the United States, there are several places of interest available to people and finding a perfect place or location is very important. For individuals willing to spend time out on vacation now or at other times, visiting Gainesville is nice because there are several exciting and fun things you can do at Gainesville, Florida in the United States. Many may be oblivious of the nice and amazing things holiday makers can do at Gainesville but reading through this article should be enough a good proof. Below are 13 fun things to do in Gainesville, Florida.

  1. Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention

Holidays are valuable time and spending each day to acquire more value and knowledge is good and perfect. The cade museum is a place designed and established to encourage, motivate and instigate people to see more of what they have been seeing everyday. The museum opens by the spring of 2018 to offer to visitors the needed motivation to be creative and innovative. However, before the opening, individuals can enjoy and learn from the entrepreneur programs meant to inculcate business skills and the exposure to the Laboratory where adults and kids get to participate in tasks.

  1. Carson Springs Wildlife

The Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation is place of abode for traumatized and abandoned wildlife including an collection of rescued exotic animals. It is a place offering  wildlife a good home and hood care as a variation from a zoo. The Carson springs is committed to conservation of wildlife by going on tours to schools. This is another fun things to do in Gainesville.

  1. Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park

The millhopper geological state park is a place to be if you desire a lot of fun and excitement even while you learn and get educated about nature. The park is located in a historical giant sinkhole which is located just outside Gainesville in Florida. The sinkhole is a bowl-shaped depth surrounded by steep walls. The outside is surrounded by dry and sandy terrain. The sinkhole which is about 120 feet below the miniature forest lures the curious and inquisitive persons since centuries of years before now as fossils, marine shells and fossilized skeleton  of extinct land animals littered the sinkhole. It is a sinkhole containing valuable fossil and a visit down there will sure be eventful, memorable and educative as well.

  1. Florida Museum of National History

A visit to Gainesville is certainly not eventful and fully enjoyed without some time spent at the Florida Museum of National History. The museum is located inside the university of Florida and it sure contains an impressive collection of both permanent and temporal exhibitions which everyone would love to see and view.  The Florida fossil collection that traces the history of life and land, the butterfly rainforest and the very interactive Our Energy Future exhibits. This museum is a place for adults and kids as one of the things you can do in Gainesville.

  1. Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

A holiday or vacation spent with a visit at Gainesville should and must include a quality time to be at the kanapaha botanical gardens that harbours a collection of beautiful and amazing plant species. It is a place to set your eyes on 24 major horticultural plants, largest herb garden located in the south-eastern part of Florida and Florida’s largest collection of bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris). The garden is very attractive with a 1.5m pathway littered by benches and gazebos where individuals can relax and rest while viewing amazing environment. You can catch the best of fun at the kanapaha gardens during the annual festival by March springs while the May moonlight with lighted pathways.

  1. Haile Homestead

Being is Gainesville is but for a short and temporal period if you don’t live there and that is why visiting the historic Haile Homestead located on the kanapaha cotton plantation is one of the fun things to do in Gainesville. The homestead is a masterpiece designed and built since 1854 by a set of enslaved labourers through amazing craft skills. The unique and peculiar fact about the homestead is that it was constructed from pine and cypress wood. The house was built for the Haile family and information concerning the family and the slaves were written on the walls famously called Talking walls. Guided tours to the house are done mostly on Saturdays and Sundays.

  1. Lubee Bat Conservancy

It’s ideal to have a feel of flying animals like a bat and probably kill off your phobia or unravel the myths and unfounded stories about them. The lubee conservancy is a place to conserve the decreasing habitats of bats and secure existence or continued life of some endangered species of bat. The conservancy offers guided educational tours to visitors on weekdays after online applications by each visitor.

  1. Matheson History Museum

Visiting Gainesville in Florida should be a leverage at getting information about the history of Gainesville and doing that will somewhat make you go to the Matheson museum. The museum contains historical materials of both Gainesville and Alachua county. It functions to protect and showcase materials like the illustrated Gazettes, Florida postcards and pictures, all of which are found in the former American legion hall built in 1932. A guided tour around the museum can be requested while a shop stocks and provides historical books about the region. A visit to this place is certainly one of the fun things to do in Gainesville.

  1. Morningside Nature Centre

A love and desire for hiking and walking at an outdoor location well endowed by nature’s wonders is well oiled and rewarded in Gainesville of Florida and you can get the best of it at the Morningside Nature centre. The centre offers great ambience through a large space of pine savannah that stretches up to 260 acres of land. There are walking and hiking trails which you can choose, relish and explore. Trails and loops can be checked at the Environmental Education Centre to determine which is well marked to use. This centre also provides a good collection of historical information about farms and animals and each can be seen at the opening period of the centre that occurs between September to April.

  1. Ichetucknee Springs State Park

The state springs is located within 4 miles Northwest of Forth White and it serves as a protection to the river Ichetucknee river. This is an important place to be during summer for lovers of outdoor locations. It is a location with nice and enticing ambience and comfort of a river and a place fit for several activities such as hiking, picnicking, swimming and a chance to relax and watch the wildlife. The most entertaining activities of the park involves the use of canoe and kayak to enjoy the fullness of the river. Lots of wildlife are available at the park while snorkelling and scuba diving are great on the clear waters of the river.

  1. Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo

One of many funs things you can do in Gainesville, Florida is the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo. If you desire and have passion for animal and wildlife then you have a good chance of meeting many of them at the teaching zoo. The zoo boasts of up to 75 species of animals which are used to teach student learning how to work with captivated animals. The college teaching Zoo is open to the public everyday and people can see and meet many endemic and exotic animal species. The place is also good as picnic location for children parties.

  1. Swamp Head Brewery

The need for relaxation and comfort while sipping a glass of drink down a longing throat is the reason one of the things you can do at Gainesville is to be at the Swamp Head Brewery. The brewery started getting famous in 2008 as an all-Florida artisan brew with an aim to run operations free of carbon footprint. The brewery is the face of Gainesville as it majorly source its raw materials locally. The brewery offers food and nice drinks but being part of the weekly tours on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays can earn you a souvenir glass.

  1. Volta Coffee, Tea and Chocolate

It’s hard and very difficult to say No to a cup of hot coffee or tea with chocolate. Visiting Gainesville means you enjoy your coffee or tea with chocolate daily if it is your passion. At the Volta Coffee and Tea place, you can get different variety of coffee sourced from different region of the world such as Rwanda, Brazil, Bolivia and brewed to taste perfect and fantastic. The chocolate is also very good and  baked to leave a memorable feeling. Moving around various nice places in Gainesville all day can end at the Volta Coffee place for a refreshing cup of coffee and piece of chocolate.


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